Monday, January 02, 2012

Montgomery Co. & Thereabouts

We brought in the new year with some friends who live in Blacksburg, Va. Located three hours south of our permeneant dwelling, it is an entirely different world, ready for exploration. The above picture is of the New River flowing through nearby Giles County, where it enters Virginia from its western counterpart.

We had a nice time in Blacksburg, to be sure, but one of the draws for me are the unfamiliar yet spellbinding mountain patterns down there.

Blacksburg is the home of Va. Tech, and is surrounded by near and far off mountains. The town is elevated on hills which provide glorious views and rolling countryside, but for all practical purposes is mostly quiet, notwithstanding the college football games that draw fans from all over the state.

Some places in our country are very hyped and get a lot of national exposure, but the Blue Ridge and Appalacian Mountain ranges in Va., where they exist on the the Western side of the state and into West Va. rarely recieve what I believe is their proper homage.

It is the locale of rednecks, hillbillies, hikers, and history long-forgottten, according to much of the "common wisdom" that seem to circulate around these parts. The reality, however, is that these lands are largely untarnished and unexplored, and hold the promise of scenic vistas and grand adventure.

Looking at the topographical maps on google after our trip and scenic drive, it is clear that this is an explorers paradise. As I reflect on the coming year and how to spend our time, spending more time waterfalling is becoming part of the plan.

Va. is gorgeous country. Many areas are unsung because of ignorance or normalcy bias. However, as our feet hit the ground throughout 2012, my intention is to make time to investigate some of these far off lands firsthand and see what I've been missing.

To that end, here's to wishing you a grand 2012.

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