Saturday, January 08, 2011

Out on the Precipice?

One day or the other, I think we will be, as a country. Perhaps we are already there.

Indeed, I have become increasingly pessimistic about the future of our country, but ironically have increasing optimism about the direction of life here in the hollow, notwithstanding the uncertainty of the road ahead for all.

The country is on the brink of economic collapse. How long we will teeter on the precipice is anyone's guess, but now, more than ever, is the time to get one's house in order, before inflation hits and we are irrevocably screwed. Out best hope is to contain the damage done by the 110th congress and dramatically roll back the government. If this doesn't happen now, the proverbial SHIT is going to HTF, Argetina style. Even if Congress did everything right from here on out, it may be too little, too late.

Our insolvency as a nation is not an intellectual hypothesis. This is the cold, hard truth. Our country is bankrupt. Even if all Americans were to pay 100% of our income to the Fed., we would still not have enough money to cover our obligations. Right now, the rest of the world is positioning itself as best it can to prepare for the fall of the dollar, but whatever they do, it won't be enough.
I can see this playing out in one of two ways. First, the socialist solution: A new reserve, multi-national currency that is imposed on us "for our own good," in which the U.S. remains a key player at table. Or, similarly, China, Russia, and/or the Gulf Oil states form a new currency in which oil is priced, abandoning the standard of the dollar. But as far as I'm concerned, the dollar's future is screwed. It is a failing currency, even if we haven't accepted it yet.

Maybe I am wrong. I am not an economist, but I know how to balance a check book. Right now, one of the nation's check books is $14 trillion in the hole, with no end in sight.

I have begun purchasing Silver American Eagles as a small means by which to cover my backside against financial Armageddon. I have some gold, but not enough disposable income right now to purchase by the ounce. I wish I began purchasing PMs earlier, but I had other necessary expenses to cover, but still, where there's a will, there's a way.

In addition to making up for a lack of precious metals, my prepping goals for the new year revolve around a successful garden and chicken flock, and learning to hunt. I will be constructing a composting pile shortly to get our gardening soil ready for action, and have other related tasks to handle.

Meanwhile, I advise all of you to put your stuff into place. We are in the midst of the Great Recession, with almost 20% underemployment and a gloomy outlook on the horizon. Take the steps now to protect yourself. We have been so blessed in this country. The sun has shown upon America for a very long time. Yet, inevitably, the sun must set.

Just be ready when it does.

Over and Out,



Martin Schap said...

I have been having very similar thoughts lately. My recurring thought/worry is "how much time do I have left?" There is so much that I could always be doing to be better prepared, and not knowing how much time I have lends a sense of urgency to every action. I need to get a security barrel for my shotgun, pick up a lot more p-mags and 5.56/.223, a few GLock mags, a metric s**t-ton of LTS foods, a Big Berkey filter, 5+ acres in the country...

Nick-dog said...

Yes, man, me too. No matter how much is done, you know there's other things you're gonna need or want for when the financial balloon goes up and bursts.

The thing that worries me the hella most is that once this thing finally hits and the world stops playing "let's pretend" there's going to be no do-over, no-turning back, and no second chance to have one's shit together for a very, very long time.