Friday, December 10, 2010

Addicted to Chaos

Sometimes I am.

Part of the reason I am an addict of mayhem is because I moved into a home that needs myriads of repairs, repairs that need to be done while I live there with 3 kids and a lovely wife.

Don't get me wrong, I dig my house, but I've come to the conlusion that I am a perpetual project starter, but not a project finisher. I get bored by the end game. In the back of my head, I think, "Well that, I can finish that whenever. It will only take X________ amount of time." Then years go by and I am left scratching my head wondering why there are 30 projects that still need completion.

As I write a new year is one the horizon. My goal for this upcoming year is to do as much work as I can to my home. I need to. The place looks a lot better than when I purchased it, but it still feels undone, unfinished, and consequently chaotic. Uncle Sam, you can't pay me back fast enough, because I have a lot to get done around here. Give me my check and say go. This shit needs to happen.

If it wasn't that I was so easily distracted, I could finish each project in the house and be done with it. But it is not so. While in the midst of one thing, another demonstrates a more urgent need. If only I could rip it all apart and put it back together at once, life would be a lot easier. That and a lot of money. Well, easier said than done.

Like hunting for your own food, I think it is a manly thing to build your own home, to rework it yourself, from the bones out, as necessary, as desired. I get juice from Lowe's when I don't have the stress of a project and commensurate lack of funds looming over my head. I just stand there and feel the power, but even then, they lack stuff. Stuff for fine woodworking and rough cut lumber. But overall, they kick ass. Yes, I am rambling.

In a word, I have found it is harder for me to finish what I've started than to start anew. This needs to be remedied in the coming year. Whatever I begin, I finish. It must be done.

Over and Out,



Martin Schap said...

Earlier this year I walked through my house room by room and made a list of projects that need to get done. Annie had to take away my belt and shoelaces for a bit after that. Oh well, it is definitely very satisfying when you actually do get something done.

Nick-dog said...

I hear ya man. Done--progress--is a good thing. Did she ever give them back?