Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day Ramblings

I am a morning person. I tend to get things done more precisely and efficiently in the mornings than during the day. Perhaps that's why my body decided to get up at 4:33 AM today. My mind is fresh. My inspiration, unthwarted. And my energy, at peak.

My obsession with woodworking has continued unabated. Each day I wake up, and each day I wish I was working in my own shop, sharpening tools and creating furniture, cabinets, and other useful things. While I do not eschew power tools, I find myself increasingly drawn to using hand tools predominately. I am saving up for a set of chisels and a book on hand planes. As mentioned previously, I am also brainstorming on building a shop out back exclusively for working with wood. In the meantime, however, certain house projects demand completion and are front and center.

We are all recently returned from Myrtle Beach. What an awesome place! We stayed at Myrtle Beach State Park, which, with the exception of the occasional jet taking off, was an oasis of tranquility amidst the commercialized insanity. The ocean water was refreshing and revitalizing, and wiped away months of stress in minutes. We all left extremely chi'llaxed, especially me. I got a new lease on life, a new focus and new perspective. Don't get me wrong, the world is still going to blow up, the SHTF is on the horizon, but I can at least be a peaceful (Glock-wielding) person.

Before we left for the trip, I completed our walk-in outdoor chicken enclosure. It works great gives greater peace of mind over our chickens (hitherto they were free-ranging toward the road). With that, the core of the infrastructure for our goat-chicken set up is done for the year, notwithstanding some painting, reinforcing and fine tuning.

I am going to head out now and grab some more coffee. In the meantime, do what inspires you and enjoy your Labor Day.

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