Sunday, August 22, 2010

200th CraZy Post!

I've been getting the juice for wood-working and doing sizable projects at home. At work, I am refurbishing old, graffitied lab tables, turning them into like-new stained and sealed masterpieces. Masterpiece might be a bit of an exagerration, but they are, in fact, turning out far more superior than I expected. Which is good. This work has provided me with plenty of inspiration, and this brings me to me weekend adventure.

After deliverying a trailer load of trash to the Bentonville landfill, an ordeal in and of itself, I made plans to visit our local Rockler dealer in Winchester, McFarland's Mill. Their shop has a good dose of all the miscelaneous items you could need, and sells some serious hardware, too. But main reason for going was to peruse their rough cut timbers for a couple of wood-working projects. Clare, my lovely-wife, has been asking me about making castles for a long time, and so after giving the task some consideration decided to see about obtaining some real hard wood, not Lowe's grown in China items.

I also have it in my mind to try my hand at making some cutting boards after recently re-watching a how-to video over at the Wood Whisperer.

Anyway, walking into the hardwood room was just awesome. I was expecting more wood to be in stock, but what they had was really cool, albeit pricy for what I wanted. They were out of purple heart and the lone piece of rock maple they had remaining was just too pricy. Instead I snagged a couple of smaller pieces of dark walnut and a nice 2-inch thick slab of cherry. The grains and colors are stunning, and when they are sanded an finished, hopefully they will be mind-blowing.

My first prototype is that of Rapunzel's tower, to be sold in my wife's gnome shop (pics to come), provided it meets with her approval. Right now she is impressed, but I am far from finished. I too am pleased at how things are turning out, but as with any project I am desirous of more tools to work with (what tool junkie wouldn't be?) to make the process easier. Right now I have enough wood I think to do three towers and two cutting boards. Now I just need a jointer and a planer and I'll be rockin'.

That said, what I really want to do now is save up the cash to erect a 20x20 wood shop out back. Right now I have a mouse-infested barn that it is more well-suited to farm equipment and hay than my feeble attmepts at fine wood working. Going out there and finding mouse droppings and twigs on or around your tools is frustrating as can be, not to mention the hornets that tend to take up residence, or the rat I saw Friday night. Yeah, it's enough to make me scream sometimes.

So, that is the plan. New building which hopefully will lead to lots of side work and fun projects, and hopefully growth in skill.

Godspeed. Over and Out,


P.S.--Buy your preps now before the world blows up!


Martin Schap said...

Sounds like you have the makings of some busy winter nights there. I will be interested to see pictures of these projects.
P.S. I am getting more prepared by the week. I just hope the EOTWAWKI waits until after deer season. That way I will have plenty of meat giving me strength to fight off the zombies/blue helmets/rabid kittens.

Nick-dog said...

Awesome! I know that inactivity at your blog means more time for action at the homestead. I am hoping, too, that I can at least get through Rocktober before the balloon goes up, but we shall see.

It's good to see you on the internets. I hope all is well at Camp Schap!