Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Some good news...

I looked again more thoroughly at the gun laws. It appears that the law I cited about shooting within 100 yards of a road was either a) an older law that has since been overturned/re-written; b.) in reference to a state law that allows individual counties to outlaw shooting up to within 100 yards of the road.

So this means I can shoot on my property.

I will still further research this and perhaps make an anonymous phone call to the county or to the sherriff.

This makes me very happy, as I sorely missed looking at the .22 hanging above my door and feeling like I could go out and shoot.

Also in good news, I finished the book project I've been working on. More about this later, if it actually gets published, but this means I have some money coming my way to spend, in part, on guns.

I would like to purchase a scope for the rifle (.300 WSM) and a new/newly used shotty. My budget scope is a Leupold VX-II for about $300. I need to do a little more research, but I
don't really see a need to shoot out farther than 500 yards (at this time). I could easily spend 2 or 3 times that amount, but it's hard to justify right now.

If I go this route, which seems probable, I am looking for an 8-shot Mossy Persuader, with the butstock. Something very tacticool. An end of the world pump gun. This will round out my arsenal nicely.

(Also on the docket is a .22 Marlin 60, whenever I can find an old school one around here. I will snap it up when I find it.)

Peace Yos,



Martin Schap said...

That's all awesome news. I hope the law is on your side and you can laugh at that whiny neighbor as you squeeze off 12 gauge and .300 WSM at 0530 every saturday.

If I didn't care about sleeping in my own bed I would buy the 8 shot mossy 500 that is listing for $199 right now. On a gun like that I would be replacing and upgrading a lot anyway, so it looks like a good fixer upper to me. I have purchased several guns lately, so the next one is a bit down the pike I'm afraid, but the next gun on my list is a dedicated fighting shotgun. I want to have a shotgun with 8 shot tube and a light, but if I do that to my hunting gun it would be a pain in the butt because I'd have to remove the light every time I took it out and the extended magazine models are not compatible with my barrels (and also only available in cylinder bore to the best of my knowledge.)

Nick-dog said...

Thanks Martin!

Sounds awesome Martin. I saw over at wethearmed that you picked up one or two single shot 16 guage shot-guns. Nice. I'm wondering what else you've picked up.

I am definitely awaiting the day when I can score a Marlin 60 with the chipmunk on the stock and an 8-shot persuader. I've seen the one at summitgunbroker. com, but want to make FTF purchases in VA, if I can wait that long.

I've thought about the light too. It would sure be intimidating. LOL

Anyhow, I like the idea of keeping a dedicated hunting gun, and saving other stuff for getting all tacticool.


Martin Schap said...

Keeping your fighting and hunting guns separate is the only way to go if you can swing it financially. There is a BIG difference between a purpose-built fighting shotgun and throwing an HD barrel on your bird gun.
I'm with you on the FTF transactions. I've been doing a mix, but I always check to see if what I'm looking for is available on INGO before I buy it elsewhere. That also impacts what I buy when. I say that I want my next weapon to be an extended tube 500, but if I find a good FTF deal on an RIA 1911, a Ruger 10/22 or an AK in 7.62x39 I will be all over it. I really want to set up a 10/22 as a Liberty Training Rifle and get myself to an Appleseed, but I don't want to pay full price for one at Dick's or Walmart.

Nick-dog said...

That's just it. I don't want to pay full price either, and I don't want a paper trial. Depending on the gun, I also want a gun that's been put through it's paces somewhat and ready for a new owner (read: Marlin 60).

After reading about the Appleseed project, I can safely say that I need to get to one. Soon. There's a camp in WV in September that looks great, but we'll just have to see. I need to get the gun first.

On a side but related note, I can already see you unleashing havoc with an AK.