Saturday, May 01, 2010

Severly F'n Pissed

Above, 10 acres in West Va. for $29,000, about 1-1.5 hours from here.

Yes, that's right. Here's why:

"Don't start! Tell him if he does it again I'll call the law!"

This was the response I received, shouted from somewhere on my northern neighbor's property, from the crackle of a the Marlin Model 80 .22 rifle.

Unfortunately, the law is on her side. In VA, you need to be at least 100 yards from the road to discharge a firearm. I was initially advised by my other neigbors, who are actually closer to our house, that it is ok to shoot on the back 50 since "no one around here really cares." Heavy D, however, who lives to the north is now suddenly upset by my occasional shooting.

These are the same people who shout all the time outside yelling at their kids/relatives/whoever for the whole damn neighborhood to hear. And now duddenly, my May Day salute is offensive.

There is a diatribe of expletives that wish to spew forth from my mowth/fingertips, but I will spare you the details. You see, it's not that they had a problem with me shooting that bothers me. It's that the manner in which the threat was delivered was totally disrespectful. If she had come over and said, "Hey Nick, I know we live in the country and all, but I am really uncomfortable with you shooting here, could you please stop?" I would have been more than cool and would have appreciated the vote of confidence.

That and they have had plenty of opportunities in the past to address me about their concerns. So, WTF? Now it's a problem? Passive aggressive doesn't fly with me. Not one bit.

"Then stay the hell away from my pears" is how I should have responded. Yes, they have confessed that they pick pears from our trees, occasionally.

So anyway, you can imagine that I was pissed by being corrected in this fashion. As so often is the case, it's not what you do, it's how you do it. Writing this out for the world to hear/read makes me feel better.

I am now dead serious about taking action to buy cheap rural land in west va, on which to hunt, zero my rifles and hang out as I see fit. There are no ranges in my locale to speak of, except the Izaak Walton League. But you have to be a member, you can't take friends, etc. In fact, most ranges out here tend to fall under the members only category. It's kinda gay, but understandable.

So anyway, that's my beef. All I needed was an excuse to bug out to West VA. Now I know I have one.

Peace Out,



ism said...

Seriously, calling Johnny Law over a 22. A 223 I could understand, but a 22! Just turn up the radio... or the television. There is no way you can hear a 22 over a properly volumed Jerry Springer show.

Martin Schap said...

This is my problem with much of the so-called "rural" locations here in IN. The neighbors are still way too damn close, which is fine until some retard moves in. I want to have a bit more control than that when Annie and I make the move to the country. Time for you to either get some land to yourself or invest in a suppressor. Can you have those in VA?

Clare said...

Hey Billy, what up? Yah, and you know what, they watch 2 tvs at a time. No joke.

Yes, Martin, what I need is a surpressor much like our friend from the Linden Conservation Club on his Thompson Center Classic. Not sure if it's legal in VA, but I think it is.

This is all much ado about jack shit. I think they are still upset about the slugs I ran through the shotgun earlier in the week, just after dusk. Whatever. Everyone else in the hollar shoots shit routinely. I hear it all the time, and no one gets worked up.

Right on, Martin. More land is definitely a good thing. I wish I had more, even though what I have is plenty good. Sometimes I wish we were more rural, but ultimately I am happy here. An additional 5-10 acres though in WV would be the shiznit.


Bridget said...

Woah. Really? That's insane. Especially since they pick your pear trees. WHAT!??! Um, it's not like you're aiming at them...right? Lol!!