Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Zen of Oil

(See Clare's Blog for stellar pics of our Chicago vacation.)

It was actually somewhat meditative for me to change the oil and rotate the tires on the Mustang this evening. I didn't realize it until I noticed myself pouring the Mobil 1 Synthetic into the engine rather smoothly, that is, without mishap.

It was pleasant but strange. I half wanted to be outside working, as it was so beautiful this evening, and the other half of me wanted to be inside slouching on the couch, chillaxing. Apparently, I inadvertnetly found some sort of equilibrium and each of those things canceled each other out, while I went through the motions almost as if I was on autopilot.

Sometimes we know what to do to solve a problem or crisis, but want to procrastinate. It's not that the problem is so difficult it can't be solved--we know the steps--we just don't want to put in the time to make whatever solution possible happen. And yet, if we just put in the time, the solution will all come together...eventually.

And yet, as I find myself at the grand age of 30, I do not think kindly of time. As the clock ticks, this world passes away. Opportunities missed are lost to the often misty corridors of memory, to be revisisted only on occasion. As we age, time seems to speed up, making the visitation of memories long past, more difficult, more of a sacrifice.

Today as I was traveling home, a speed demon cut me off from the right, with barely an inch for room to pass. He certainly risked his own life and mine. On the one hand, I feel he deserves to go to prison for the stunt, on the other, what practical recourse does a civilian have in an incident such as this? An accident did not occur, but it could have? I could have become enraged, but what good would it do? I am not a cop, but if I was, I would have placed him in cuffs. And the irony of the situation is that he was only a car ahead of me 10 minutes later when getting off the interestate.

The point is, if there is one in this post, sometimes it is pointless to rush. Timing is everything, as Sun Tzu, I believe, once said. Choose your battles. Time is of the essence. Wasted energy is energy you can't get back. Pray for the bastard and move on.

Peace Out,


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