Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tactical Considerations

I've been spending a lot of time of late at www.wethearmed.com--I'll be adding it to the sidebar--which is an excellent site for the firearms enthusiast. Very intelligent techinical discussion on a wide variety of topics. The site also happens to be unblocked by the new firewall at work, which allows me to read something interesting during my lunch break other than the headlines at Drudge. It appears there is a problem with the topic of 'weapons.'


I've been investigating outdoor range options here locally ever since our bodacious trip to the midwest. On our way back, I visited the Linden Conservation Club with Martin S. in Indiana, and it was a true good ol' boy experience. They have a skeet setup that is enviably boss, with various automated clay launching stations to test your abilities at a variety of angles. Really cool and incredibly reasonable in terms of the price, not to mention the occasional serving of complimentary beans.

The local Izaak Walton league in Warren County offers some range possibilities, but the devotion to shooting on their vast 155-acre property is sadly lacking as far as I can tell. The IWL is not out-out-the question--the property is gorgeous--I just want to check out all my options first.

Good news. I just heard back from Tactical Machining out of Florida, and they are selling complete uppers for $615. (For those of you who read this and don't know, it's the barrel/top portion of an assualt rifle(AR).) That is a sick deal, considering the availability and quality coming out of their shop. Availability on the AR market as a whole is scarce or insanely overpriced. Another option is Crusader Arms, another new start-up that will produce premium weapons, but there is a premium to the cost as well. I am trying to keep the build under $1000 minus optics.

I love shooting rifles. I really do. I simply can't wait to complete the set up of my first "evil black rifle." My nickname of "Dr. Evil Laugh" will then take on an entirely new meaning.

That's it for now. I am trying to entertain my fiesty red-headed daughter while I type. More later peeps.



Martin Schap said...

Sounds like a great buy on that upper. Read any reviews on them? I know when you bought the lower you said the company is meant to be very well thought of. I went back to the Conservation Club twice after shooting with you, and hopefully will be stopping in tomorrow for the monthly meeting if work doesn't run over too much.

Nick-dog said...

Your trip back to the conservation club sounds awesome. I am envious, but in the best way possible. I have a lot to do around these parts, so I can't complain about nothing to do for lack of free time.

I haven't heard anything further about Tactical Machining. There's some, further praise out there on their lowers by AR enthusiasts, but that's all I've been able to find.

I am working on an editing project on the side, hopefully to be completed by the end of October. Part of my motivation for finishing is buying that upper and a Magpul stock.

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