Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's not Monday, but I'm still LOCO!

Hey peeps!

So much has happened in the last 2 weeks, it's hard to choose something about which to sound off. So I'll just use the "paint with broad strokes" approach and leave it at that.

My renovation of our bathroom seems to be coming along, but, in all honesty, it has been one roadblock after another. First, the floor, then the plumbing, then leveling everything, and now I have to figure out how and where to tastefully to build the wall and install a soffet (enclosure) for the drain vent. With this bathroom, the drama does not seem to end...

My mom and dad came out last week for four days. My dad was the most completely helpful in going about tackling the plumbing in the bathroom and gave me a host of tools that I remember from when I was 5. No joke. It was actually quite moving for me to be taking this stuff. It kind of feels like the passing of the torch, if you know what I mean.

Being a homeowner is so awesome. I am so content, and I think Clare is too. We just discovered that we have a cherry tree in our yard, with more cherries than we can handle. Clare went and picked a slew of them yesterday, jarred 'em and made pie this evening, which, I have to tell you, was the most splendid treat. Eating fruit creations from your own yard is like winning the lotto and going to your favorite cafe in the Carribean. You bask in the experience.

We also have a blueberry and blackberry patch, but presently it is a domineering weed patch.

Anyhow, there are so many projects for me here, it's overwhelming, but great, because I feel like there is always something productive for me to do. "Build the kingdom," ya know?"

Also of late, I feel that I have become something of a tick expert because this area is swarming with them. Pliny called them "the nastiest creature on earth." My favorite resource is They don't play around over there.

Later, yo's.

Over and out,


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Bridget said...

Awsome! Sounds like you are enjoying homeownership! It is alot of work, but also alot of rewarding fun too, once you see the finished product. And thanks for the tick website. Yeah, I worry alot about thosr danged ticks during these lovely summer months! WOOO!