Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Bathroom, cont.

So, work in my bano continues. Today I put in approximately 13 hours of work around the house, but mostly in my bathroom, interspersed by an occasional Coors Light or a Coke to keep me going.

Today, I finished prepping the floor for the tile by applying thin set (mastic), hardi backer cement board, and the requesite screws. In some ways, that doesn't sound like a lot, but that included a trip to Lowe's for a paddle bit to mix the thin set. Thank God it was only one trip today. It's like that store has a syphon tube to my pocketbook.

After that, I laid the tile out in a "dry" run and successfully cut all the pieces for the floor. Because I am putting marble down, it took a painstaking amount of time to cut the tiles. My wet saw, the cheapest one you can get at Lowe's, is the bomb, but between measuring, spacing, selecting tile, locking up the blade on occasions, looking for my safety glasses for the 18th time, etc.--all that adds up, and before you know it hours have passed.

While cutting tile on my porch, I watched several storms roll in over the mountains. The sky was dark blue and spectacular, with a strong refreshing breeze as the cold front rolled in. Seriously awesome, notwithstanding the humidity. But that's what cold beverages are for.

Pics of the bathroom to come, when I can finally load some up.

To keep myself mentally in the game on this project, I just think that every day is a process in a series of steps until that final day when I can finally shut the door on the place and forget about it because I know it's done.

That said, laying tile is actually really, really cool, especially marble because it looks so nifty. While working the trowel, I felt how I think a medieval craftsman may have felt doing his craft, working to put together something architecturally mighty and stunning.

But right now, sleep sounds even more stunning. Over and out.




Bridget said...

Rock! Let me know when your bathroom is done, as I have a cold six pack of Coors that, most definitely, needs to be stashed away in the tank of the toilet! You know, for tradition's sake! ;)

Nick-dog said...

Yes, a bathroom without emergency Coors is like a bee without honey.


The Scientist said...

Speaking of Coors... If you are ever in Denver, check out the Coors brewery tour. One of my favorite brewery tours!

Thought you might enjoy seeing this: