Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Shout Out to My Homies

Hey there. Sorry for the continued lack of updates, but if you've seen my bathroom lately, or lack thereof, you'd understand.

I've been working hard not only to rebuild our bathroom from scratch, but also to rectify our home's plumbing problems.

After I ripped up the floor in our only bathroom I discovered that I certainly got more than I bargained for:

1.) Termites in ages past had eaten through some of the joists
2.) Others were warped
3.) The plumbing for the entire house is not properly vented
4.) The drain pipes were also configured incorrectly, e.g., a clog in the toilet could very well become a problem in the tub or sink

Thus far, I've leveled and reinforced the joists with new 2x10s and attached them (unlike before) to the wall where they end with brackets. (Because of the wall's configuration, joist hangers, my original plan, would not have worked without serious reconfiguration.) I then cemented in 4 cement posts underneath the middle joists with T brackets in hopes that 15 years from now the floor will be just as strong.

Next comes shoring up some of the remaining floor framing, cutting out the remainder of the shoddy plumbing, and then starting from scratch with a new and hopefully improved design.

Many have said, "Nick it's so good that you can do this!" My response: Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I'm really just flying by the seat of my pants and trying not to get my ass kicked.

And that, my friends, is a Monday moment.

Over and Out,


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