Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The first & the last

...cups of coffee today.

So, this morning, before getting pegged with an Orange via my cell phone, I brewed a pot of some amazing Intelligentsia Coffee. Intelligentsia on Broadway in Chicago is my favorite coffee shop of all time, hands down. I am a bit biased, of course, being from Chicago and all, but there are many other coffee enthusiasts nationwide who would agree that the shop's sophisticated ethos and name aptly reflects the sheer magnificence of their coffee and espresso, not to mention the decision to drink it.
Indeed, there are many on whom Intelligensia's greatness would and will be lost. I honestly don't mind, first, because those people really don't care anyway, and second, that means more stupendous Intelligensia Coffee for me.
This evening, Clare and I took a jaunt into D.C., admittedly to purchase a kitchen table off Craig's List. After the exchange, we took a detour to check out Tryst, a centerpiece of D.C.'s happenin' coffee scene. Though it's seemingly more a night time hang-out and Adam's Morgan social institution, their coffee and espresso was not disappointing. Perhaps not the amazingness of other coffee places, but still cool nonetheless.
So no sooner than we checked out of D.C. than we hit some traffic delays. Good thing we were well caffeniated to handle the situation. I even called WTOP to let them know of an additional delay. I talked to the traffic person, who was really cool, and she announced my update on the radio! How sweet is that?!
Anyway, that wraps up the update, albeit a day late. Watch out for oranges.
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