Wednesday, November 28, 2007

L is for Late (or Latte)

So I am a bit late in posting this time around, after such a good run of being on time. It's presently 3:4o AM, and I think the espresso I had earlier this evening is what accounts for my current state of consciousness.

Right now, Mona Lisa Smile is showing on the T.V. before me, and this movie is bloody painful in just about every way. Julia Roberts. Ugh.

I am going to keep this one short and say that I have been enjoying encouraging my brother-in-law Andy to follow his sense desire to go "off the grid" and move to adventure town or BFE, wherever that may be. Nearly every day he updates me on the latest far-flung properties perching on a mountain top in the middle of nowhere. It's almost always somewhere more crazy than the last time, and so it goes.

Well, I think I better try playing chess and hopefully become woozelly and lull myself to sleep.

Until next time. Over and out.



Jill said...

Dear Nick,
I found your blog through Ben's. Last week, your visit to Culpeper was documented by a picture of you and your adorable little girl in the Cameleer! How do I know? Because I live in Culpeper! Imagine my surprise when I saw you in our local paper! Lots of memories came flooding back. btw, I love our little old town (even though it doesn't fit the rest of the place). It's especially fun this time of the year.
I'm happy to have found your blog! God bless, Jill

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill!

That is so cool! Wow. I was wondering if they printed our pics in the paper. Now we know.

Well it's cool that you live near Culpepper! It's a really nice place, the first time I've been out to visit, actually, and walk around.

I hope all is well with you and yours. See you around. God Bless!


Ben Hatke said...

Augh, look at that, Nick. Your blog is starting to attract all the riff-raff.

Hey, at least Julia Roberts doesn't LIVE AT YOUR HOUSE!

Ben Hatke said...

What did i even mean by that?

Nick-dog said...

So, Ben, is what you are saying is that Julia Roberts is living at your house? Is THAT what you MEAN?!

But if you must know, I am really, really glad she doesn't live here.