Thursday, August 09, 2007

What I've been up to...


Well, if you know what that means, then you also know that I have happily immersed myself in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter story. At least the movies, at any rate.

Alas, I know some of my readers may be shaking their heads if not their fists, but in truth I cannot say I haven't been charmed by Rowling's tale. Perhaps it would be even more accurate to say, "Bloody Hell, I'm so spellbound I can't even keep my eyes straight!"

For me the films are powerful because they are extraordinary in their spectacle, breadth of imagination, feature an all-star cast, and at least for the first three installments, the artful score of master composer John Williams, and that set upon the back-drop of the Bodleian Libary and Christ Church College at Oxford.

And what does all this spell, my friends? K-I-C-K-A-S-S.

Ok, so there you go. I like Harry Potter and that is my opinion. Enough of that for now.

So what else have I been up to?

Well, I have quietly, though enthusiastically, begun immersing myself further into medieval studies via my own personal library.

Well, when I have time. Speaking of which, I've also been thinking much of late about my time at Christendom and what it has meant. Now the professors who had seemingly ensconced themselves like institutions of the institutions, who exerted so much influence in my studies and life as an upper-classman--Drs. Fahey, Blum, and Reyes--are all gone into the ether and working at other Catholic enterprises.

Honestly, I never thought those dudes would leave. I thought they had it sweet--Department Heads, VP of Academics and everything. But most people, for one reason or another, usually--eventually--do leave.

For me, this goes to show that when we go to a place like Christendom for example, we embrace such a large tradition that it cannot be restricted or confined to a small group of individuals. It is vast and alive. So despite the absence of these intellects, Christendom will still be Christendom, and I will remain an alumnus, not of Blum and Reyes, but of Christendom.

Maybe the Hogwarts craze is having its effect on me, but that, my friends, feels pretty damn good.


ben hatke said...

Nick, I've been enjoying these updates. You and Clair should get a ticket and join us on the L-Train (the Lafayette Train, that is).

Anonymous said...

Maybe for a visit over the summer, B. Otherwise, we will be on Hogwarts Express.


Anonymous said...

I am bloody glad you've been liking these posts. I've been enjoying writing them.