Thursday, August 22, 2013

Climbing Upwards

Sometimes life feels like a big hill with an upward climb that never ends.

Sometimes there are snakes on the path and other obstacles, or refreshing streams and gorgeous views, but at the end of the day, the climb must resume.

About 2 weeks back we finished installing the beam at the house. The big 12ft 8x8 oak beam and 2 oak posts. The open space and addition of 40 sq. ft  has done wonders for our lives. We no longer feel we are living in close quarters. It's beautiful and strong. The place has truly transformed.

Getting to this moment though has been an uphill climb. I spent many hours selecting, moving, and preparing the wood and the site for installation, making sure everything was up to all local and regional codes and would make the inspectors happy. I even bought a truck, in part, to get those beams and other lumber to the homestead. I went by myself on crazy wood-snagging adventures to get those beams, depending a little bit on luck and God's Providence to cut and move these multi-hundred pound monsters into my rig.

And it all worked out. It took some time, but it worked out.

There is still more to do, true, but the main event is over. It passed inspection and now shelves and furniture as well as a new dishwasher remain. There are other aesthetic features to handle to be sure, but the rush to get to them, while pressing, is not quite as stressful.

With all that said, I hope the heating season is far more pleasant this time around than it has been the last 4 years, since now the hot air can flow freely throughout the space. I am hoping that our winter feels a bit more luxury and a little less pioneer.

Ok, a lot less pioneer.

Which reminds me, it's time to order some more slab (fire) wood.

Over and Out,


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