Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Tool Fear?

Just a quick post geared to those who are afraid to pick up a tool for one reason or another, especially for those who believe that any attempt to fix something results in a cluster bomb or making the situation worse.

Some of my buddies are not tool-guys or do-it-your-selfers. Unplugging the toilet is about the extent of their comfort zone with tools (if you can call that a comfort-zone).

I am not calling anyone out here.... I just want to say that sometimes I feel like I get more credit than I deserve regarding fixing stuff or making things.

The truth? It's not that hard. Really, it's not.

It just takes time, patience and common sense to make things. Watching lots of youtube and reading articles helps answer questions, but at the end of the day, hopefully, one realizes, "Gee, that's it."

Yep, that's it.

For me, building stuff is sorta where I landed and sorta where I started. I've built many dreams over the years of an idealistic life. At some point, you just pick one and go with it, after having lived a few of those dreams.

Right now, I am in the midst of tearing up my house, redoing the kitchen. It's been a slower process than I've liked. Messy, but not terribly difficult. When it's done, it's gonna be bad ass. The design will be better but the ooo's and ah's will come principally from the look of the reclaimed wood going in, not from any special skills beyond the reach of normal people.

Moving forward, if we don't get EMP'd, I look forward to building more things. I've switched my schedule yet again to accommodate building chairs, pushing out a set every week from my home shop. This is kind of a dream, but also a necessity. Sitting on my ass in front of a computer reading the same history is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered, and sometimes very difficult.

I think that this past year, the honeymoon of being self-employed, has worn off and self-discipline feels easier, that is, when it comes to doing paid for work. I enjoy both tasks, but it's hard sometimes, nonetheless to stay focused.

Speaking of which, I better get back to work...

Oh, and with regard to tools, fixing/building things, and such, the best advice I ever gave myself went like this: "Just shut the F-up and do it."

I think that's good advice in general. STFU, man-up and kick-ass as much as possible in every way possible.

Over and Out,


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Martin Schap said...

STFU and do it is probably the best advice you can give. At some point when you're facing a renovation project you just have to pick up a pry bar and start removing the old stuff so you can replace it with new. It truly is that simple.