Saturday, March 16, 2013


I needed to get this one out of my system before I continue with my other tasks.

Yesterday, was in some sense, the fulfillment and completion of a daily dream I've had...for years.

So what might that be, you ask?

Driving in my full-size pick-up on a beautiful Virginia day into the sunset (ok, into the late afternoon) with a bed full of gorgeous, hand-picked reclaimed lumber, that is to say, Southern Yellow Pine, for step 2 of my house/kitchen renovation.

I took my time out at the barn, picking the best wood I could find. Satisfied I grabbed some more, anything that might be considered a target of opportunity. All of the wood came from the ceiling a downed chicken coop addition to our barn. It had probably been baking for 5 decades or so, and so the resins in the wood come to the surface, coloring its knots and distinctions and create a rich color and character.

It feels good to bring all this stuff back home, and de-nail and stack a large quantity of wood, look at it in satisfaction and begin to see it, in my minds eye, being installed in the heart of our living quarters. As funny as it may sound, I felt as if the ground in my property shook with anticipation and excitement, happy to welcome my revered softwood from elsewhere in the valley, sensing the happy changes that are to come in our home.

Clare and I have a running bet that I will/will not finish by May 1. While I don't think I will have everything done by then, I am going to be close, I think, and then I can rest somewhat and focus my energies elsewhere on the property and house.

Right now, we are aiming for an addition from Actually, it will be another smaller house, tacked on to the back of our existing home. However, I have to pass this through the county first, and, of course, find the funds. If I were going to buy land to build, I think I would go with a First Day cottage for aesthetic, comfort, space, and economic considerations. It's worth checking out, at any rate.

Ok, that's it for now. More Later.

Over and Out,


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