Wednesday, February 08, 2012

EDC Considerations

For quite some time, I've been giving more thought to a better EDC (that's 'every day carry') for my personal set up.

At the moment I am toting a Maxpedition M-2 belt pouch that has plenty of room, too much girth, and no effective organization. Generally, always on my person are the following: my cell, a lighter, Spyderco folder, Leatherman, and flashlight. While it's on the belt, finding and actually keeping things in this pouch is a hassle. The zippers and clips are a certfiable pain in the ass too, and so more often than not the pouch remains open throughout the day.

Because of this I've searched high and low to find the PERFECT solution, and after hours of dedicated searching, I think I've found it--a custom skinny sheath called the Skinth.

Created by a fellow prepper, various custom set-ups and ideas for a variety of needs exist for the Skinth. While the name is kinda gay sounding, I really don't give a damn. There are simply no other sleek options out there for what I want, so a Skinth XL will be coming my way sometime in the near future.

My hope is that the pouch will disappear along the waistline, generally appearing much like a quasi-yuppie smart phone holder. And speaking of phones, I am preparing myself for the possibility that I might actually have to get a conventional holder as well, which will suit me just fine.

Also on deck for purchase is a new Protac in AA by Streamlight. My Microstream went missing some time ago, though I expect it turn up eventually. How was it lost? Well, you see when you sit down at a certain angle with the Maxpedition M-2 pouch open... You see where this is going. My bad.

Finally, I am considering the purchase of the CQB tool/knife from Spartan blades. Thank you Mercop for another awesome idea/product recommendation. In his video, he demonstrates the awesome utility in having a go-to knife for off-side back up. I was mega impressed. Essentially, he shows a modern adaptation of how the samurai carried their blades and used them. Notwithstanding the $160 price tag, I think this set up, if used and trained with regularly, would be absoluetly *bleeping* devastating and effective.

And that's why I like it.

As gear goes, the quest continues for awesome stuff. However, training with it, knowing deployment options, AND ACTUALLY USING THE SHIT is generally way more important than fru-fru carry cases. Though those kick ass too.

Over and Out. Peace,



Martin Schap said...

I admit it. Before I clicked on the skinth link I was ready to tell you what a homo you are and to freaking man up and use the pockets God put on your pants like the rest of us do. But it actually looks cool and not what I expected. I think people will clearly think you are just some latte sipping yuppie with a gigantic smart phone rather than assuming you are carrying a shit load of gear. I want one of those knives too, but at $160 I don't think I can see myself doing it anytime soon. However awesome they may be, that is a lot of money for a purpose built defensive blade. Power to you for getting your EDC better squared away. I've always thought of EDC as the foundation. If you don't have the tools on you that you are likely to need, you will never have the chance to get your M4gery and Tac Vest on and start kicking ass.

Nick-dog said...

LOL. I knew you'd think I was a fag when I wrote 'Skinth'!

Amen bro. Yes, at $160, that's just too pricy. All of the techniques could have been done empty-handed or with a different tool, but that knife sure looked sweet.

I gotta do this man. My EDC needs to be better squared away, especially since it went a catastrophic failure in the heat of battle. I was fortunate I could recover all my gear--including my cell phone--at the time. But none of it would have been there when I needed it, should it have come to it.

One other consideration, re: gear. Things wear out. Gear and it's trappings can and should be replaced from time to time. I say this because I always think of my stuff as "once I get it, I'll never have to get one again." That might be true in some sense, but the reality is, life is dynamic and, to some extent, our choice of tools ought to be, too.

Martin Schap said...

A couple of other thoughts-
You can take a folder where a fixed blade doesn't go. People see a folder on your pocket they think tool. People see a fixed blade knife they think weapon. Stupid perhaps, but that's how it is. Get your folder squared away, learn to deploy it, and the techniques have a lot of carryover to fixed blade. Also, defensive tools don't belong in a catchall pouch. Digging through a pouch for your knife WILL GET YOU KILLED. Folder and flashlight belong either on the belt (gay) or on the front pockets (not gay) where they can be accessed quickly and while under attack. My two cents- get a Spyderco that is set up for tip down carry, a good light like the Streamlight, and then worry about the other shit. And it goes without saying that you owe yourself a block of edged weapons training with Mercop sooner than later.

Nick-dog said...

These are good thoughts--worth more than two cents.

Maybe you are right, and I should just carry like a normal human being. I've had issues with pocket carry in the past, hence my reluctance. But your endorsement has caused me to give it a second look.


Martin Schap said...

I hope I don't come off as TOO harsh, because I think belt carry has a place, and something like the Skinth or a Maxped pouch on the belt certainly has a place in an EDC setup, but defensive tools need to be at hand immediately when called upon, and having multiple belt pouches is cumbersome and uncomfortable. I don't even particularly like carrying spare magazines on the belt when I can avoid it, although a multitool can be handy and I've considered moving my cell phone to my belt. When you are dealing with an attacker at close range (so I could just say when you are dealing with an attacker, since statistically it is *always* at close range) you won't have time to get a knife out of a pouch. It needs to be right there, by itself and easily accessed. If it is in the pouch, Murphy's Law dictates that it WILL get fouled up in something, covered by another piece of gear, etc. This is where Mercop's chain of selection, carry, deployment and use come in. As far as selection, get a good knife set up for tip down carry like a Spyderco or the RAT Model 1. Carry- it needs to be in a spot that is easily accessed and on the front part of the body. Mercop always says weapons should be forward of the seams. This makes sense to me. Deployment- Needs to be swift and as unlikely to be f-ed up as possible. Don't make it unnecessarily hard to get to by putting it in a pouch or under a bunch of shit. Use- get to an MCS class. It is a bargain for what you get.
I am especially fired up about having tools ready to rock after watching a video today of a man who died because he didn't have a round chambered. It was pretty weird watching someone be killed and thinking that something as simple as racking the slide of your weapon prior to holstering could very well be the difference between living and dying. Just as keeping your knife where you can get at it vs. in a pouch full of other crap could make the same difference. Makes one think.

Nick-dog said...

Well said, and no you didn't come off too harsh. This blog is the place for being passionate about kicking ass, and I am as amenable to correction or recommendations as anyone.

I have actually been thinking about the idea of pocket carry more before you said anything, especially because when you add extra variables into the mix, you create another place where things can go wrong.

More from me later... I am probably going to pick up the Spyderco Cara Cara 2, since it's cheap and gets it done.


Nick-dog said...

I believe carrying a chambered round is the best way to carry without question.

However, I am not a fan of carrying a chambered round in my situation at the moment because the gun is very often not on my person, and is instead in transit from a bag or safe keeping place.

God forbid I do something stupid while momentarily distracted while arming or disarming or what have you.

I still follow the 4Rules regardless of chambered or unchambered. Unchambered, while imperfect, provides in my situation an extra safety net for me until the piece can ride at my hip full-time and I am not moving the gun everywhere, and I only disarm once each day in a regular manner and fashion.

I know you weren't asking for my thesis per se, but you are aware of some of my bad habits.

As for the pouch, I still may obtain a skinth anyway for a multitool and some extras. The problem with gear as it rides on the outside of the belt is that it becomes inadvertantly cumbersome. I am at the point where I need to reduce gear or find a new way to carry. I use my multi-tool all the damn time, so it makes sense to accommodate it as well as sneak in some extra organized space if possible.


Nick-dog said...

Saw this linked to over at survivalblog. G17 on crack:

Martin Schap said...

That's the video I watched. Under stress the dude has to rack the slide like four times. Not good. And this is a situation where a natural barrier plus distance gave the guy two hands to rack the slide with.