Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shenandoah Fall & Stuff

This has been one of the prettiest Fall seasons I can remember here in Va. The leaves in the mountains are nearly finished with their magnificent display of color, while the forests at work, this past week, have been at their peak. In a sense, it has been like being treated to two distinctly different Falls on my daily commute, but I see no reason to complain.

The crisp weather and winds that have swept through here, sans rain for the most part, have been perfect for reflection, on the season, the year, and the days ahead. Below, are a couple of my ruminations and plans, going forward as I look ahead to the winter and first months of 2012.

Wood: We have made even progress through our wood pile this past two months. Because the weather has been so cooperative, and also because my wood pile has been seasoned, I am getting more bang for the buck with the stove. On hand, I have a significant amount of seasoned locust and red oak, not to mention a massive pile of white oak, waiting to be sawn. Our freak snow storm from two weeks ago took down enough branches to supply me for kindling for 3 seasons. It was ridiculous. They have been piled high to be allowed to dry out.

Tax Season: This Tax season can't come soon enough, for me at least. I've been looking forward to it immensely. I have a number of projects and things that need to be finished around here with the extra cash, that will hopefully bring us to the next phase of life in the holler--expansion. But first, I would like to see a perimeter fence installed along our property line, to allow both our kids and our (other) animals some defined space. Secondly, it is high time we purchase a well hand-pump for emergency purposes.

Weaponry & Supplies: In addition, adding a red dot and a few other accouterments to the AR, as well as another batch of 5.56, 9mm, 00BK, and new Glock mags to the cache, and rounding out the first aid supplies and larder are on the list. Along with knocking out a debt or two, I think we will be as well situated as possible to face the tumultuous seas that will surely spill onto our shores and envelope humanity during the zombie 2012 apocolypse.

Bail-Out Bag: I've ditched my formless Jack Bauer wannabe bag for EDC in favor of an affordable attache, aka "Bail-Out Bag" from L.A. Police Gear. For the price. S29.99+shipping ($42 total), I am hella impressed. There is a pocket for everything and more, and I can always find my shit. It's easy and pleasurable to stay organized with this thing, which when you are in a hurry or bad situation, is key. No rummaging through your bag for the hatchet--it's right there!

The new bag comes with two pistol concealment compartments on each side, making bag carry less of a hassle for those times one is so inclined. Combined with a 3-day pack from L.A. Police Gear--my over night bag, if you will--I feel well-poised to cover most of my bases where gear is concerned.

Gear in General: Over all, I have found the most workable scenario, at this point is a 3 tiered approach: 1) What you have on you; 2.) What you carry with you, in the building and leave while you wander about (as my job demands while I am at work); and 3.) Essential supplies in your base of operation (vehicle) to help get you to home base in case of an emergency. These 3 tiers seem to work well with one another, and having a functional bags makes it that much smoother and better.

Ok, I am about to crash. Good night.



Martin Schap said...

I like the sound of the new bag. Can't wait to see it. I have been seriously looking at upgrading my bag, and more ability to keep my shit organized is of paramount importance. Having to almost empty my bag to get at my gloves or spare bandana or whatever gets old fast. Your gear lines sound good too. Something in that vein seems to be what everyone from Special Ops warriors to ordinary working stiffs like me eventually ends up doing because it just makes sense. You saw my EDC items, BOE, and vehicle kit when I was out visiting. It's always evolving though.

Nick-dog said...

When I saw your EDC setup, I knew that I needed to get off my ass and do a better job of getting my stuff organized and keeping my gear in order.

I agree with your approach--I think a good bag should be able to evolve, adapt and overcome. Looking for desired items at the bottom of the barrel sucks. It is a task more suited to monkeys, not warriors.

I am in harmony with my gear lines for now, but I need to find a better way to carry by first line of gear, but I am afraid I am going to end with a bat belt, and at the point, my status will switch over from seeming semi-normal to mall ninja.

LOL. My status is probably mall ninja anyway.