Monday, August 22, 2011

Into the Tumult...

Beware, it's late and I'm rambling.

While the world continues it's plunge into uncertain times, I feel at peace knowing that I no longer have to look for "the sign" that the SHTF is here, at least to my mind.

I guess you could say that's a good thing, that is, the feeling of liberation from anticipation of what is perceived to be inevitable. I just don't care at least in the same way. I am more worried about getting the next bag of rice or chilling with my family, than the next news story stating that we are running off a cliff. At this point, the plummeting is just a matter of acceptance of society at large.

And that brings me to my point: it is difficult not to focus on what we anticipate in earnest and put our minds to the tasks at hand when the spectre of what's anticipated always seems to be looming on the horizon. If you're like me, you keep looking up, waiting for the next lightning strike, becoming distracted and hoping you don't get zapped in the process.

Not that it does one any actual good to know "the day and the hour." When lightning flashes, it's instantaneous, and that's it. There's not a whole lot one can do about it, except not hold a metal rod while pissing under a tree.

The whole idea is to stay out of and weather the storm.

And that's what a bunker is for.

Over and Out,



Martin Schap said...

I agree. When people ask when the S will HTF, I always think "look around you." Nonetheless, I am still able to go to my job every day and still able to put more food into storage, so I will continue to increase my preparedness until the time comes that I have to rely on what I have set back.

Nick-dog said...

Awesome. Did you purchase your Mini-14 yet? Got the AR back from the smith a couple weeks ago, and ran 90 flawsless rounds this past Saturday. No complaints. The magpul stock is sweet. --Nick-Dog