Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Range Report, Day 1

Today, I visited Willow Slough shooting range in NW Indiana with my 14-year-old nephew, Kevin. I called ahead to make sure we could shoot, as he is a minor and I'm from VA. Everything checked out, and we arrived 20 minutes early to burn some lead.

The range was clean, and the range officer was straight up, but the kind of chap who has a bumper sticker on his truck that says "9 out of the 10 voices in my head say 'Pull the trigger.'" We signed in and followed the rules to letter.

We shot from 25 yards. I emtpied two clips. I am really pleased with how well I was controlling the gun in terms of recoil today. The sights were back on the target each time focused on the 10 spot. I put one in there, but I'm not sure if it was more luck than skill. That being said, I am feeling my grip is much better. 13 out of 34 shots, after not shooting for a year, hit the paper. My load was the ubiquitous Remington 115 grain in 9mm. Adequate for shooting the side of a barn, but not to much else. Either that, or I just really don't know what I am doing and need some solid instruction. Either way, I'll take the instruction.

I am totally juiced about heading out to the LCC tomorrow with Martin S. with 4 different loads. The Remington, Federal 115 gr., Blazer Brass 115 gr., and Lawman in 115 gr. I am thinking the Lawman will be the superior round, as it is the closest to the Speer Gold Dot, which has been highly accurate. Anyway, we will see. I will get back to you after WE BURN SOME AMMO!!!!!



Martin Schap said...

Happy Father's Day!

I saw Pete yesterday. He acted like he'd never seen me before, but he was friendly, and he had the NRA belt buckle proudly on display.
Also, since we were discussing the gloriousness of Time Bandits I would just like to say "Stinking Kevin!"

Nick-dog said...

You are hilarious. Soon I hope to be "stinking rich" using my map.

Pete is the man and hilarious too.

I may just have to rewatch Time Bandits soon.