Monday, October 05, 2009


This morning, I drove to work under the cover of a bright full moon. I was focused and on my way to work early to handle an electrical problem, and thank heavens, or the creator of Heaven rather, that it was solved with the flick of a breaker.

That said, I began to reflect on my thoughts over the weekend regarding the future and even present demise of the dollar. I am not an economist, but I know enough about liberals and failed states to understand that you cannot create money out of thin air, bury yourself in debts that you cannot repay, and expect to become or remain fiscally solvent.

What happens to an individual in America when they borrow what they cannot or will not pay back? Their credit rating tanks and banks will no longer lend to them. They are destroyed financially from the perspective of the lender and it usually takes years to repair the damage.

Well, guess the hell what? The federal government does not have a credit score per se, but has over $53 TRILLION DOLLARS in unfunded obligations, a.k.a., social security, medicare and medicaid. Does the federal government ever intend to honor this debt. NFW. It just won't. Perhaps they are trying to tank the currency intentionally so that they can pay the debt off in worthless dollars, but it would destroy the country in the process.

Obama Breadline America is not something I am looking forward to, but is inevitable to my mind on our current economic trajectory. China has done more than saber-rattling with other countries to discuss moving away from the dollar as a reserve currency for the world. Now they, our biggest enemy, are plotting with the arabs to trade oil in a currency other than the dollar, which is bad for the U.S. in terms of its financial and political dominance.

My point: we are screwing ourselves royally. Most Americans do not realize that we are sitting on a powder keg that is about to blow our asses into the sky in 53 trillion different ways. We need to claim back our individual liberty and the spirit of rugged individualism. Not just in the political arena, but the way we live our lives every day.

I am not a shill for the tin-foil hat crowd. Empires have risen and fallen since the dawn of history. We simply cannot take America's greatness for granted. The time is long past for complacence. The "shining city on a hill" will only remain glorious for as long as we are willing to preserve it and stay driven in our vigilance to keep it bright.

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Martin Schap said...

Excellent posting. Even 2010 may not save us, but that is where my "Hope for Change" lies. We need to end this nonsense before we kill the greatest country in the world.

Nick-dog said...

Thank you sir! I am so with you. 2010 is what I am focused on too, and, of course, the governor's race here in VA. I think McDonnel, the conservative on the ticket, is going to clinch victory.

I hope so at any rate.

Anonymous said...

Deficits don't matter!

Nick-dog said...

To Anon--

Really? Then let me max out your credit card and see how you feel about it when you get the bill and then try to get a loan.


Nick-dog said...

I have changed the comments format to disallow stupid-ass statements from being made on this blog without an individual taking responsibility for them.


Bridget said...

You rock, Nick!

Nick-dog said...

Thanks Bridge!


Martin Schap said...

I will miss anonymous. Cheeky rascal.

Publius said...

I am sure you will be pleased to know that I am annoyed that I have to create an account so I can continue to share conservative ideals with you all.