Sunday, August 30, 2009

Update to Sidebar

Hey folks, it's Sunday morning, bright and sunny. This week zipped by, but for me that's been a good thing. School is starting, and the teachers and administration were in all out panic mode to get prepped. We got 'em where they needed to be, but as always there is plenty of work waiting for me when I get back tomorrow.

You'll notice a few more goodies on the sidebar in the links section. For the survival-minded, I put in a link to Ferfal, aka "Surviving in Argentina," which will fan the flames of urgency to be prepared. While we are not Argentina, the rapid decline of a once prosperous country is eye-opening and shocking. Ferfal has posted religiously and is something of an icon for modern survivalists. I've read his blog from start-to-finish, and it's well-worth your time. Lots of shit that you probably never knew happened, happened. It's enlightening and somewhat scary.

Also in the mix, as promised, is a link to Started by Madogre and a couple of other guys, there's tons of good technical info on there for the firearms enthusiast-connossueir. It's also the only gun forum I can view while at work (as in during lunch). The rest have been blocked by the new firewall for "weapons."

I tout around a Phantom Light Holster everyday from Raven Concealment Systems, and now they are in the sidebar. Their store is over at The Malabar Front, a reference to the line of resistance of the Orwellian state. Considering where things are going right now in this country, the title is appropo.

Finally, I added Jethro Tull to the side bar. As most of you know, I am a Tull fanatic and have been for a long time. Ian Anderson is the musical genius behind the band, not to mention Martin Barre. While their music is modern rock with influences from various times and cultures, the band is perhaps best known for Ian's sometimes classy, sometimes crazy minstrel persona that comes out in their music.

That's it for now. Enjoy your week.



Martin Schap said...

Malabar front is cool. I would gladly carry a BUG in one of the mercharness holsters if they would make them for something just a bit more substantial. Not feeling the .380s, but a Ruger LCR in one of those rigs would be sweet. Definitely will be checking those guys out again when I finally get a glock.

Nick-dog said...

Guns are a wonderful addiction. For some reason, Fall in particular just feels so prime to carry. Are you still thinking about a G17 or something else?

Yeah, the LCR in .38 special is pretty sweet, which would have the added benefit of being in a compatible caliber with your primary carry weapon, I mean cannon. :p

Did you see this yet: I thought you might, since we read some of the same stuff. Pretty cool for the zombie preparedness mindset.

Martin Schap said...

Yes! I have been following that blog after seeing the link over on blogostuff.
I am thinking of getting a Glock 23 as my next gun purchase. I go back and forth though. Assuming I ever get a law enforcement job that may well dictate my choice. ISP issues the G17, so logical next purchase for me would be G26 for on and off duty back-up and then G19 for off duty carry. If I got hired by an agency that issued a different caliber/make I would obviously tailor my carry choices around that. If possible, ammo and magazines being interchangeable is the most sensible arrangement.

Nick-dog said...

Awesome. All those sound like great choices to me. Do you presently have an application in with the ISP right now? That would be sweet!

Yes, the ability to insert your daily carry magazine into your BU gun is a mighty advantage.

Looking forward to checking out the 4th gen. There's a thread over on that talks about some of the upcoming changes. I really dig the 3rd gen, but that's just me.

The one thing I do not like about the Glock is that it is recommended by Glock that when you store the pistol, you need to clear the chamber then pull the trigger. Not sure how other autos work in storing them, but this process becomes a pain in the ass when storing the pistol during business hours.

I still love the gun, though.