Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tactical Thigh Rig

You know, I am usually very frugal about buying stuff, but not when it comes to firearms and their accoutrements.

No, if I see it, I have to have it now. Granted I wanted a Glock 17 for years, and so when I finally pulled the trigger (pun intended) the floodgates opened and the credit card company has never been happier.

Just kidding. Well, sort of. In all seriousness, my firearms interest is not really an interest. It's a need. Yes, I need to have guns. I need to have boxes upon boxes of ammo, "just in case." My house is not just a cottage, it's an armory.

But for those occasions when I can't be sitting inside the cofines of my armory, cleaning my guns while listening to Rush Limbaugh, I purchased a new Fobus Roto Holster for open carry from I wanted something cheap that would form fit my Glock. I also wanted a proven system that would allow for both rentention and quick, smooth drawing. Fobus, a company out of Israel, seemed to be the perfect fit, and for the price I couldn't really go wrong.

But there is a deeper reason I picked this particular holster. It's the option to attach and carry it on a "tactical thigh rig." Now, it's not that I just want to be Hans Solo or something, which is, in all actuality, actually true. Carrying a gun on your belt can be uncomfortable, cumbersome or inconvenient, depending on your situation.

You know, say you get into an X-Wing. Those cockpits are tight. A fast draw to take down a snow yeti climbing onto your hood before take off might be a little more complicated than you think. But if the gun is on your thigh, you should be good to go, no problem.

As it is, I keep everything on my belt--my cell phone, multi-tool, and occasionally a flashlight--and I have this bad habit of placing my hand on my hips to push on this stuff for the hell of it. When I wore my Fobus holster (empty) around town just to get the feel of the thing, I kept having to resist the temptation of fiddling or messing with it.

And finally, it seems far easier to draw from your thigh than your hip, and much harder IMHO for a stranger to attempt to draw it as well.

That said, I very simply chose, without fear of retribution (except from Clare), to purchase the tactical thigh rig attachment. It has not yet arrived. I look forward to testing it out and seeing how comfortable it is. The Roto Holster is very light and comfortable, so I am expecting nice things from the thigh rig, *ahem* excuse me, tactical thigh rig.

Sorry for the delay on the Update. I have been spending a lot of free time checking out the gun forums to expand my knowledge and for personal entertainment.

Over and Out,



Sumojason said...


I saw a guy at Costco last week with his wife/girlfriend and we was walking down the isles with a thigh rig, I mean, tactical thigh rig. It was awesome.

Nick-dog said...

Awesome, Jason! A man after my own heart.

Glad to see there are other forward thinking individuals around town.


The Scientist said...

"But for those occasions when I can't be sitting inside the cofines of my armory, cleaning my guns while listening to Rush Limbaugh"

I am greatly amused picturing you doing this...

Nick-dog said...

Scientist, you should be.

I should have added, "drinking tea," as well to the description.