Sunday, March 02, 2008

Renovations Ahead

Hey there everyone!

So it is finally March! Hip, Hip! That means we are one tangible month closer to getting into our house.

But it needs work. Cleaning and work.

The realtor has given the go-ahead for us to start cleaning after our financing is finalized. So we are waiting on that.

Then once we actually get the house, the first item of business is to gut and then completely redo our 5x7 bathroom. On the inside it looks like an outhouse--no joke. Clare thinks it's appalling, particularly the faded Mustard Yellow Shower/Tub drop-in, but I have seen way, way worse. Still, I am hoping that with some elbow grease and a hammer my HGTV addiction will not have been for naught.

Yesterday we made a family excursion to Home Depot for a change (we usually go to Lowe's) to get the creativity flowing. Since the bathroom is a small space, we can afford to be a little more choosy about what goes in it, since you can only install so much in a 5x7 area. Without really expecting it, we found the ultimate flooring at el cheapo prices. We picked up some beautiful 1x1 marble tile for less than $10 a box (5 sq. ft.). Not bad, when you only need to cover 24 sq. ft. or so.

My plan is to go for high-end style in a mini-bathroom. I think it can be pulled off, more or less, except that it's just such a small space, it's going to be tough to make it feel opulent, let alone functional.

My budget for this project is about $1000. More or less. I am sure I will go over by a hundred or two when you bring in all the fixtures and drywall. Considering the fools on T.V. will spend upwards of 30k on their master baths, I don't consider this too unreasonable.

I am just ready to rip the damn thing apart.

Over and out,



gipsyjaime said...



you are married and apparently now own a house?

hope all is well - tea out.

Regina Doman said...

Hi Nick!
Just found you again! How in the world are you? Please tell Clare I said Hi!

Oh and BTW can I call you "The Tea Angel?"

Ben Hatke said...

Woah! Nick! Exotic visitors to your blog!

Hey, your bathroom sounds like a job for "Captain Big Boots" that's an alter ego I made up that is good at two things: STOMPING and SMASHING IT UP.

The best thing is that the Captain Big Boots persona is a lot like the Captain Universe powers, meaning anyone can become Captain BIg Boots.

Alls yo uneed is a pair of no-nonsense boots and something to use for teardown (crowbars are good).

Sumojason said...


Price out the shower and tub now, because that will be your biggest expense. I had the same budget as you did for my basement bathroom in our townhouse and most of it was eaten up by the tub.

Nick-dog said...

Hey Gipsy, Hey Regina! I am in great. Thanks for asking. How are you all? Why would you call me "Tea Angel"? Sounds kinda sketchy, don't you think?

Yes, Ben, so many exotic visitors at my site. If only William Shatner showed up. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!


Nick-dog said...

Oh and J, yeah, after rethinking everything I am looking at about $1500 or so, realistically, maybe more.

But if I ever sell, the bathroom will be key, so it has to be smokin.

Speaking of which, we should hit OG sometime post-Lent. Sound good?


Bridget said...

OG? What's that!?

Anyway, can't wait to see your new place. Before and after! Woo. HGTV RULZ!

Bridget said...

Olive Garden. Just figured it out. If only I had waited two more seconds before I posted. Duh! OG sounds good to me!

Nick-dog said...

Yes, OG is code for "corporately available Italian domination," aka Olive Garden action.