Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, ok. I--we--have survived this long without it, but I miss driving and riding in our Jeep Wrangler. I love this vehicle. It is very fun, especially with a soft top--which I don't have in the first place, but it would be supremely cool if I did.

Anyway, it's been outta commission now for over a month. I brought it to the mechanic's last weekend and he, of course, discovered that it needed another part in addition to a clutch kit and pinion bearing. Ok great, just fix it and give me back my JEEP!!!!

Recently, I was driving back from a foray into town but was in my Mustang. While driving my Jeep I have become accustomed to wave at other Jeep drivers. It's called the Jeep wave, which Wrangler people customarily give to other Wrangler people. It's a Jeep thing. Anyway, I love the commardie of the "Jeep Wave" because it's total respect for one thingmand keeps you excited about your Jeep for another. So now when I am driving other vehicles, sometimes I wave.

Anyway, I was driving the Mustang and saw another Mustang and did the chill-I'm-cool-wave and the other driver waved back. It was so great. This is the second time I can recall waving from the Mustang and getting a response. Most Mustang drivers are not that tuned in to waving, but the ones who are are usually pretty cool.

So that's the story in these parts. I should also add that I have chosen HVAC as my new path for professional and personal development. So instead of Latin and Dawson for now, I am reading Black & Decker's Guide to Home Wiring and the Esco Institute's EPA 608 Exam study guide for the CFC Universal test. The translation to that last part is that I am pursuing my license to do HVAC stuff.

The main reason for this alteration in reading is that the latter works will hopefully lead to an increase in income. It will also make me more valuable at my job, or so I'd like to think.

Anyway, that's the story Gee's. Until next post, over and out.



Ben Hatke said...

If I am driving in my minivan and I pass yo uin your Jeep, I will try to give you the Jeep wave. But in the end it will make me a failure.

It was cool to see you guys his weekend! Thanks so much for coming.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben! Thanks for having us! We had a great time. I hope you like the Espresso.

As a matter of fact, some people in other vehicles wave to me when I am in the Jeep and vice versa. It's pretty cool, cause you're like, do they own a Jeep, or are they just nice and like Jeepers?


Ben Hatke said...

The espresso is awesome! We needed some good after dinner (no caffiene) coffee.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Glad you dig.