Friday, July 20, 2007

The Legend Lives On...

The Legend of Zelda, that is. Here is a link to a wicked-cool live performance for all those geeks, like me, who know the difference between and the red and blue medicine:

Tomorrow, Clare, Anastasia are heading out to Virginia Beach for some adventures of our own. We will be staying at First Landing State Park, pictured above.

It will be nice to visit the beach, I think. Virginia Beach has that carnival atmosphere characteristic of all laid-back, waterscape towns. It's a cool place, even if it is often crowded. But what good beach isn't?

Several years ago, I met my friend Jason in San Francisco for some crazy adventures. One of those took us south of the city, north of Half Moon Bay, to a beautiful secluded beach. The sun was wicked hot and the water was freezing cold. Then, as we were chilling out on a rock, watching the waves crash and coastal birds flap around, a naked ex-hippy jangles up to us and interrupts our reverie.

"Hey dude, you got any weeeed? I found this there hacki-sack here on the beach and I'm looking for someone to trade it to for some weeeed."

"No." I scowl and look away. So he turns to Jason, who actually looks like a hippie, and re-explains himself.

"Man, you got any weeeed?"

Ever the diplomat, Jason responds, compassion in his voice. "Man, I'm sorry. I don't have any weed."

Jason's answer seems to satisfy our new acquaintance, and he trots off in search of the next poor soul. After a short while, Jason and I look at each other and crack up.

I hope that guy didn't make it to the East Coast....


Bridget said...

" It's a cool place, even if it is often crowded. But what good beach isn't?"

Amelia Island, Florida, my friend! Most awesome beach, never crowded. It's Florida's best kept secret!

Ben Hatke said...

Woo! Thanks for the link! I wish i could get these tunes on CD.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that would be pretty cool!