Thursday, May 10, 2007

A little more than a cup of tea...

Hey everybody!

It's approximately 6:20 AM as I sit at my homemade computer table and sip some Mao Feng Green tea, waiting for my shower to warm up and for Clare to return from her jog with Leia.

Things in D.C are good right now. Unfortunately, we will be leaving soon to go live with Clare's parents down in Stafford. It's not like we aren't down there 2 days out of every week or anything already, but it is nice to have your own hip apartment located in the heart of bustling, trendy city life.

City life agrees with me for sure, but I certainly do relish getting out to the country. I've gone from King George to Georgetown and now almost back again. It's crazy, in a way, but the adventure part of it is awesome.

I will miss the general bright and upbeat feeling of my neighborhood, Glover Park, the melancholic sound of the bus whizzing past my apartment, the architecture and late night dog walks, city lights and evening breeze through the city streets, with their large trees rustling pleasantly in the wind.

I will miss being close to everything I could possibly want--Whole Foods, the best grocery store known to man, Trader Joes, Teaism, Cafe Bonaparte, Furins, and Armands Chicago Pizza, to name a few. I will miss the feeling of riding into Georgetown in the evening in my Stang and the daily feeling of a certain mastery of the city.

There's a lot I won't miss too: D.C. commuters and drivers. Traffic. Sneering, cold people. The elitists. BMWs, Mercedes and Lexi. Wealthy people without friends and social skills. Whacked liberals. Getting out of Georgetown in the morning. Pedestrians who think they are the center of the world and taxi cabs stopping in the middle of a street with their hazards on.

I won't miss the small element of danger that comes to one and their family living in the city. I won't miss changing oil and working on my car in the street. And I won't miss my in-laws, that's for sure.

So here I am, in the center of this packed up house, feeling all melancholic about city life. I've often thought that the best arrangement is to have a country cottage and apartment in the city.

Maybe so, but it may be a while before an arrangement like that occurs.

Cheers one and all.



Bridget said...

I like the way you make DC sound so lovely then you SLAM it at the end of your post! LOL!!! Awesome!

Anna said...

Nick, when you talk of Trader Joes and Whole foods within a stone's throw of your apartment, I tear my hair with jelousy.

It is good that you and Clare have had these times though. Ben and I often talk of our time when we were living in Italy and hanging out in the cafe day after day with similar wistfulness. (usually it is over our morning cofee.)

WE too find ourselves in the same dilemma except with us it is transcontinental.

But the cool part is you had the city adventure and your'll have many more adventures, And as we have found out with marriage, they only get better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anna for the comments! I can only imagine a transcontinental can't exactly hop in a car and drive home. You have to get off the plane first!

Living in Italy sounds awesome, though.